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The Face Lift : Electronic Gua Sha with LED Matte Black

  • The Face Lifter is our Electronic Gua Sha .

please note only comes in Pearl and Matte Black 

The Face Lift is our Electronic Gua Sha Benefits of a gua sha facial massage:

-Depuffing the eyes

-Improves facial puffiness

-Aids in relaxation of facial muscles

-TMJ relief

-Facial sculpting

-Relieves muscle tension

-Promotes tissue drainage  

Directions -Start with clean face and hands-Apply 4-10 drops of Golden Hour Gold Infused Skin Oil to your face and neck (using oil allows the gua sha tool to glide easily)-Applying light to medium pressure, sweep your neck with the gua sha.

-Then sweep middle of your chin, over jawline to the earlobe

-Do the same sweeping motion for under the cheekbones, over the cheekbones, under eyes, over the eye brows and up to the hairline

-Perform the same steps to the other side of your face -Finish treatment by sweeping down the neck to the collarbone  

-Caution: Don't sweep over too many times because that can cause overstimulation -Don't use if you have cystic acne or open lesions

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