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Face Front Skin



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FACE RX is designed to help achieve a sculpted jawline, firmer skin, and improved sinus health. Micro-current and LED / Heat technologies provide powerful lift and tone-enhancing effects. Their LED Therapy features three light colors - green, red, and purple - that help to lighten hyperpigmentation, reduce signs of aging, combat wrinkles, encourage cell regeneration, and eliminate acne-causing bacteria.

Want to Experience a Spa Facial in the Comforts of your home ? You have to try our -FACE Rx
An Amazing Face Tool that tones , tightens with LED Therapy

🟢 Green light: Helps to lighten hyperpigmentation, Brighter complexion

🔴Red light: Anti-aging, Promotes collagen production, Combats wrinkles

🟣Purple light: Increases cell regeneration and renewal, Eliminates acne-causing bacteria

Facial Massage - stimulate blood flow
* Improved elasticity due to an increase in natural elastin production.
* Improved collagen production and skin cell turnover.
* Diminished wrinkles and fine lines.
* Diminished pigmentation and skin roughness.




This electronic Gua Sha with LED can help sculpt the face, soothe skin, assist in lymphatic drainage/sinus relief, provide TMJ pain relief, intensify skin therapies, and enable better skin absorption. It can be used with skin oil, Vitamin C cream, moisturizer, and under-eye cream, and can be used hot or cold. To use, start with a clean face and hands, apply 4-10 drops of facial oil to the face and neck, and hold the gua sha tool with light-medium pressure while sweeping over the neck, chin, jawline, earlobe, cheekbones, and up to the hairline. Finish by sweeping down the neck. Caution: do not sweep too hard.

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